Adding music while keeping app size small

Ok, you’ve made progress on your game and things are coming together. Your gameplay is polished and actually pretty fun. Your artwork is looking great. It’s time to add that cherry on top that completes your game experience…music!

There’s only one problem, you’d like to have a bunch of songs in your soundtrack but high quality music files take up a lot of space. A 1 minute track could easily take up 5MB depending on what audio format you use. In the mobile world, space is precious, especially on Android where your apk size for the Play Store is limited to 50MB (unless you want to deal with pesky expansion files).

Corona SDK: Customizing the Facebook Share Dialog using dynamic meta tags

This may be obvious for some, but it took me some digging and I figured I would share what I learned in a nice, easy to digest format.

Facebook documentation recommends the share dialog over the feed dialog for mobile developers. It’s supposed to be the easiest way to share stuff from your app. It doesn’t seem to be documented, but Corona supports the share dialog.

Feed allows you to pass in a name, caption, description, and a link to customize your dialog. Share on the other hand, only takes an href parameter — this is the url for your page. When you activate the share dialog, Facebook scrapes your page looking for specific meta tags to fill in the content.